Amadeus Grant

Grant is one of the founders of the mysterious PARTHED organization. The PCs met him when they met with Hammeron to discuss work at PARTHED


Grant is five feet eleven inches tall. He has salt-and-pepper hair kept relatively short, as though to raise the question of whether he’s balding or intentionally keeps it that way. He has a slender build and dresses in simple but elegant high-class clothes. He is wealthy beyond belief and wields influence beyond most men’s wildest dreams. You don’t know much at all about him, except that he is very familiar with all sorts of magic, and his workshop is full of strange items and books with no explanation or apparent order. His ice-blue eyes sparkle with a static that betrays some sort of powerful magical energy that nobody can identify, but which is clearly present to anyone with which he makes eye contact.


Of course, there are a lot of stories circulating about Amadeus Grant. A man does not become as powerful and famous and rich as Amadeus Grant without accumulating a large number of three things – loyal servants, enemies, and rumors; and Grant has many of all three. The pervading story, however, and the one given by Grant himself, is as follows.

Grant was born to Marianne Humbolt and Channing Bermuda. Channing, as is evident from his name, was not the sort of nobility that a Humbolt would marry, and was not, in fact, Marianne’s husband. As such, Amadeus was brought to live with a distant relative of his father’s in Jepharad. He never knew his father nor his mother, but discovered soon in life that their blood contained the spark of magic. Inexplicably, however, this manifested as a more powerful magical talent than anything seen before in a human of Arcand in this age. By the age of thirteen, he was the foremost master of wizardry in Jepharad’s courts, drawing such attention to himself that nobility from all around Aman began to seek out his counsel and magical expertise. Not only was he a prodigy of the arcane arts unparalleled in living memory, but he also took up his father’s interest in the divine. However, this manifested as more natural talent rather than the result of clerical training; at the age of seventeen, the head cleric of Boccob in the southern seminary declared Amadeus to be the Favored Soul of Boccob, an honor not bestowed since eight centuries past, and a sign that he would break new frontiers and bring magic into a new age.

Grant moved to Arcand at the age of twenty-eight, after appearing to the Eastern Boccob Seminary in Numenor and the Northern Seminary in New Arden. He lived in that great city for a time, but moved soon to Bastion and has lived there for over eighty years, blessed with unnatural youth by the power of his magic or Boccob’s blessing (he has told no person this secret). He has spent his time inventing, experimenting, and advancing magical knowledge to truly usher in a new age of magic, creating some mage organizations and institutes comparable in might and influence to the organizations of old, when the Old Magic still persisted. Countless modern spells are attributable to him, and there is almost no magical art in which he seems to have no knowledge whatsoever.

More rumors persist, but Grant is not really determined to clarify them, so each adventurer must judge for himself. As for his involvement in PARTHED, Grant is one of the three founding members, but nobody is really clear on why he bothered to help create it. He mostly just uses Hammeron’s resources to look for new recruits for his own intriguing agendas, and reimburses him fully with goods.

Amadeus Grant

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