Aman is the largest single continent on the Planet of Efil in the Prime Material Plane. It is a land rife with magic, and is in fact the only continent on Efil where spellcasters are permitted to practice their craft without heavy restriction and regulation. It is home to a diverse range of core D&D creatures, and hosts most creatures in the 3.5 edition source books. This continent’s SAE is during the third age, between 800 and 1500 years after the Day of the Spire.


Efil is roughly crescent-shaped, curving around an enormous bay wherein lies the Sea of Fire. North of this sea is the peninsula of Arcand, which is covered in temperate to cold forests. Northward on this Peninsula is the land of Morhuesta, a cold tundra wasteland reaching into the north sea and to the West are rolling plains in an isthmus that connects to the mainland at Kolosh.

The Kolosh plains vary from one inhospitable terrain to another, from northern tundra bordering the sea of crushing Ice to western rocky labyrinth to southern savanna and Eastern desert. Beyond the grasslands is the southern tip of the crescent, the Chimera Peninsula, which extends far to the south and breaks off into the Chimera Archipelago. On the northeast of this Peninsula is the Plateau of Kralan and the Cliffs of Memory.

In the far West, across the long North-South Menendas mountain chain from Kolosh, is the dark, dense jungle of Mor-Aman, the main home of the Elves. It is not well mapped by those who dwell in the main part of Aman; due to strained relations between Elven factions, the nearby seas are not safe to sail, so even the coasts are not very well charted.

Relations with other continents

Aman is separated from the other continents on Efil by a magical storm of epic proportions. This storm totally encircles the continent, and not many are able to travel in or out. As such, only those with access to very high level travel Magic and the few who can sail successfully through the storm are able to move in or out of the continent (though none of the latter group have done so more than once).

As a result, not much is known about the people of the other continents, and the people of Aman do not worry much about them. Most of even the most educated people of note simply believe that there is nothing beyond the storm, and the people of the other continents believe the same.

However, there are two glaring pieces of evidence in Aman which, were the truth known about them. The first is the existence of the cliffs of memory. These cliffs on the south of the Kralan Plateau have a reputation for strange folk of some magical aptitude appearing on the shores. These minor spellcasters have no memory of their past lives; in reality, they are the “witches” that come from other places of the world where any magical ability is punished by watery grave. They are magically transported to the southern shore of Kelah by a mysterious force, and are often claimed by nefarious villains looking for amenable servants or apprentices.

The second piece of evidence is the presence of Halflings in Aman. These creatures originally came from the island of Jakarta off the Twin Continents of Cirerlia and Arkadia. The Halflings are there known as Hobbits, and they are a tribal warrior group. One particularly adventurous and ambitious clan called Tallfellow decided that the island was not large enough to share, and so set out to sea in great vessels to claim their own land. After several weeks lost at sea, they eventually took desperate measures and sailed straight into the severe storm around Aman. Somehow, the two capital ships wound up on opposite sides of the continent, and formed colonies.


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